This is how we roll

I made this outfit

Outfit details:
    • Dress made from a hacked free Prima magazine pattern.
    • Floral blazer made using McCall’s 6043.

I love this blazer for so many reasons. Because it was made from fabric that in a previous life would have made it’s way into curtains.


But mostly because it’s the item that really boosted my sewing confidence.


I tell the story of this blazer A LOT, so I will give you the abridged version. I went to a sewing class. The only one I have ever been too. The teacher didn’t think I would be able to make the blazer. Life happened and I couldn’t go back to the class anyway.


I decided to dedicate a weekend to making the blazer and here it is.


It is as beautiful in real life as it is in a photograph. And proof, for me, that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.