Pillars of 2018

2018 was an evolving journey. I wanted the year to be leaps and bounds better than 2017 and as a whole it was. But life is life, so there were some bumps in the road that I didn’t expect, and I started to notice my perspective on things has taken a hard left in some cases.

As with 2017 I have taken time out to think about the 5 key lessons, phrases or words which sum up 2018.


“intense sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death.”

This year grief came to me even before anyone passed. It hung around for a while and then left, but it was never too far.


“an act of choosing between two or more possibilities.”

This year I made more choices that were for my benefit over others. In some cases this was easy to do and in other cases was difficult but necessary. Each time I made a choice that was “pro-Andrea” it helped to build my confidence that it is okay to want to do more for yourself at times.


“the process of developing physically, mentally, or spiritually”

By making the “right” choices I have allowed myself to grow and find my voice. And learnt how to listen to my gut and get in-tune with my feelings.

2018 presented personal challenges that I had to navigate. And this lead to growth which changed some long standing beliefs I had about how relationships with those closest to us “should be”.


“make or become different”

The changes I have seen in myself this year have been a direct result of everything that happened last year. Last year I made the decision to make this year (and as many years that follow) better and not let 2017 be the defining end of my story.

2018 was always going to be about change. I was much more curious about why I did or did not do certain things. Why I felt a certain way with some people and not others. And wanted to make changes so that I could improve as a person. Be a better person for myself, first, and those around me.


“serious thought or consideration”

This year I used journalling as a tool to take time out and reflect as and when I could. I would fit it into anytime when I would normally sit and fester on something that happened, past or present. Which usually happened what I was commuting to and from work.

At first I was concerned other passengers would be reading what I wrote. But I soon got over that when I started to feel lighter after getting on my thoughts out on paper.

In my 2018 in Review video I shared a couple of my goals for 2019. And I have much more confidence that I can achieve these goals in 2019. Because of the way I approached 2018 and the lessons it has taught me.


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