In a world full of data...

Choose Excel

I’m serious. You will find so many people who may tell you not to, but I’m here to help you begin your own love/hate relationship with Excel.

As with all relationships there will be moments of joy, frustration and pure elation. And there will be others who will try and lure you away. It will be at that moment, that you will need to decide who’s really got the key to your data analysis heart.

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The best feeling is when you find the formula that fits

Hi I'm Andrea

Self proclaimed Excel Wizard and advocate for all things data and analytics

I want to help you fall in love with excel the same way I have. From demystifying the interface to practical working examples. Whatever your level of experience, if you work in Merchandising, Marketing or Data Analytics, you are sure to discover something new.

Along the way you will be introduced to other, sometimes newer and younger, analytical tools. So that you can make up your own mind, on whether you will be an Excel stan like me. Or get lured away by another suitor.

Practical Solutions

Improve your skills with contextual industry examples. And formulas you will want to use everyday!

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Short five minute reads spotlighting a specific formula.

Some you will know, some you won’t. But hopefully you will find a gem you can start using in your day to day.