Excel & Me

The Story Behind Excel & Me

I love Excel, we have a really great relationship. We enjoy falling down google search rabbit holes together, testing the load limits of computer and/or laptop hard drives and generally bossing all requests for performance related data.

We are, as the kids would say, a MATCH made in an INDEX table array.

Back in 2018, my all time fave Manager (and now friend) politely suggested for to me, to write a “Merchandisers handbook to Excel”. I thought about it but didn’t really pursuit it. In 2020, after being furloughed, then made redundant and receiving so many job application rejections. I decided I needed a way to make my CV standout. Something to showcase my skill set to help sway some decisions my way.

And so Excel & Me was born.

Not quite a book (yet) but the best resource out there (if I do say so myself) for Merchandisers, Ecommerce Managers, Digital Marketeers and Small Business Owners. Who want to use data to drive performance and improve their data analysis skills.


The best feeling is when you find the formula that fits

Think of me as your friendly neighbourhood Excel/data analysis relationship counsellor.

Here to help you begin your own love/hate relationship with Excel, and many more data analysis tools.

As with all relationships there will be moments of joy, frustration and pure elation. But with a lot of work, an abundance of patience and a willingness to learn. You will be well on your way to developing a lasting understanding of the power of data analysis