My Story

14 year old me had her life all mapped out.

She was young – had only lived for 14 years – so thought 14 years was more than enough time to grow into an adult who has their life sorted. You know, serious relationship, home-owner, children, great career, amazing life. Days filled with happiness. And the weather – always sunny and windy. I love the freeing feeling of wind. Pocahontas – before I knew how problematic it is – was definitely top 5 for me. Just around the riverbend and Listen with your heart were made for younger me.

By the time I got 14 years down the line. I had to chat with my 14 year old self and say “Sis, things aren’t working out how we hoped.” I was not a home-owner, no where near having children. Great career?- absolutely not. Work was putting me through the ringer. Amazing life? Looking from the outside in, amazing would be a stretch but it definitely looked better than the reality.


The worst memory from the year I turned 28, aside from being confronted with the failure of not achieving my life plan. And experiencing the worst kind of racism in the workplace for the second time in as many years. Was my mum getting diagnosed with terminal Cancer.

What I love about the plan 14 year old me set.

Was that she had 100% confidence that it would work out. She knew who she was, what she wanted and what she deserved. 18 years on. My life experiences, both personally and professionally made me lose sight of who 14 year old me believed she could be.

I am older, with war wounds and battle scars.

14 year old me could never have imagined how many pieces of me would be chipped away over the years. How many people would try to make me feel as if who I am was wrong or not good enough. Her strength, of knowing who she is and how she deserves to be treated has never left me. And that is where I get my strength.

I still have hope that one day the content of our character will be more important than what we look like. Until then, I will do what I can for black women and girls to feel comfortable and empowered to be who they are. And make a space for stories to be heard so that we never feel so alone, that we doubt ourselves and capabilities.

Giving up on your dreams Is like giving up on yourself
Giving up on your dreams Is like giving up on yourself

Working for myself, and building a business I can feel fulfilled by, has always been a dream of mine.


The chaos of the Pandemic and Lockdown changed my perspective on only doing something when I feel 100% ready. Some times just making a start is all you need to do, whether you feel 100% ready or 10% ready.

My Brands

Self-care and mental health took center stage in 2020. I did a lot of reading during this time to help me maintain good, healthy, habits.

The best way to adopt a new habit (good or bad) is to remove the barriers of entry.


With Au Atelier my aim is to help you to make positive thought a daily habit, by developing products that remove the barriers of entry. From sewing labels, to stickers, notebooks and socks. You can be sure to find something to help you take that moment of pause each day and reflect on what is good.

“It’s fine. Excel and I have a great relationship” – it is the one consistent system I have used throughout my 10+ year career. Working across the merchandising, ecommerce and digital marketing sectors of different retail companies. Excel truly has my heart.


My all time fave Manager planted the seed of me writing a “Merchandisers handbook to Excel” back in 2018.

Not quite a book (yet). Excel and Me is the best resource out there (if I do say so myself) for Merchandisers, Ecom Managers, Digital Marketeers and Small Business Owners. Who want to use their data to drive performance and improve their data analysis skills.