Yellow is the new Orange

Yellow. A colour that is considered by some as difficult to wear was the colour of choice at this year’s Golden Globes. With actresses of different ages, styles and cultures all doning the colour.

Canary Yellow was the shade of choice. Making it possible to assume that Mustard Yellow now has a cousin to welcome into the fashion fold.

To help me get inspiration for my goal of making Occasion dresses this year, I search for sewing patterns to pair them with my favourite yellow gowns from the awards. It was hard to find patterns that could be used to make an exact copy.  Did however manage to find a pattern that could be used to make a version of. Or make a close match with a few alterations.

Check out my Top 5 below:

1. My favourite dress of the night was Reese Witherspoon in this Atelier Versace gown.

2. Viloa Davis was beaming in this Micheal Cors one shoulder gown.

3. Emily Ratajkowski looked sultry in this deep plunge gown.

4. Maisie Williams looked cute in this long train gown.

5. Natalie Portman rocked this Prada dress with subtle embellishment.

Let me know what was your favourite dress from the Golden Globes and if you have any plans to make a version of the dress.

Until next time.



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