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Wool and Faux Fur Swing Coat

This is my favourite make from 2018.


It was one of the first makes of the year, using a free sewing pattern that I amended. I adjusted the pattern so that I could make the bottom half of the sleeves, and bottom half of the coat in faux fur and the top half in wool.

This coast is the first item I made using faux fur.

In order to reduce the amount of shedding of the fur I traced the pattern pieces onto the back of the fabric first. And when I cut the patterns out I cut the backing more than I cut the fur.

For the seam allowances I laid celotape on top of the faux fur within the seam allowance and but the base of the strands. Closest to the backing.
This made cleaning up the faux fur after the coat was made so much easier.
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I would like to make this coat again. With Leopard print faux fur.

And I would add on the closure snaps when I make it again. Although I am happy I left them off the first time, they are a missed feature when needing to keep the cold out.

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