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Who remembers when street lights were orange?

Recently I have been thinking about all the things that have changed since I was little, or should I say younger. I’m not completely sure what sparked this trail of thought but I have realised a lot has changed.

Most significantly street lights. That orange glow that would only light the path so far and if the neighboring street lights were out your imagination could invent all sorts lurking in the shadows.

Technology has changed a lot, everyone and anyone will tell you about that. Buses, particularly London ones, don’t give change anymore. Penny sweets are no longer 1p. Floppy disks, video tapes and cassette tapes were almost forgotten about.

And no one (within a certain age range) can adequately answer the question, “how did we find all this out before Google…?”

I used 3 different patterns to make this dress

For the bodice I used McCalls M7789, which is actually a jumpsuit pattern. I made a green cotton jumpsuit and loved the bodice so much I had to use it for my #littlereddresschallenge submission.

For the bow I used Burda pattern 6388. I literally just bought the pattern to see how the faux bow worked and figure out if I could recreate it myself. Guess what… I can! (laughing face emoji).

And finally the skirt is from one of my many circle skirt patterns. My memory is suggesting it is from a Simplicity pattern, but I paid so little attention to the skirt I honestly can’t remember.

This dress was intended to be completed in time for the official Little Red Dress Challenge but as with most challenge deadlines I missed it.

I had never worked with a stretch satin before. It is not super stretchy but it is a little stretchy and VERY slippery. Add in a pinch of rushing and you have over stretched seams. And find yourself on a path that could ruin a perfectly good dress if continued.

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IMG_9381 copy

So instead I decided to wait, take a time out and return to the dress once I had cleared my head.

By that time is was January, which was fine as I managed to finish the dress just in time for Valentines Day.

A xx

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