Outfit of the Week | Feb 3rd

Happy February everyone.

With this weeks outfit I am starting my “Bring on Spring” campaign.

February is the last month of Winter and the month that signals change.

So I’m putting my best foot forward in my M&S boots and continuing my own personal changes.

Until next time,


Slouchy Sunday

This was my slouchy Sunday outfit.

Maxi dress with a shrug. Easy to run around it to get those Sunday errands done, and comfy enough to relax in once it’s all over.

A x

March – A Few Fun Facts

Below are a few fun facts to help you to understand why March is the BEST month of the year.

It has something for everyone … you don’t believe me. Well continue reading my friend.

Every year March starts on the same day of the week as November.

March is the third month of the Julian and Gregorian calendar, and we all know 3 is a magic number.

In Ancient Rome March was the first month of the year, then named Martius after the God of War Mars.

March is the start of spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere. Which means, in the northern hemisphere, the days are getting longer 🙂

People start to spend more time outside in March as the cold wintery weather slowly disappears.

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