Outfit of the Week | Mar 24th

Welcome back to my blog.

This week I’m wearing a shirt I made in March with my trousers from February. And a jacket that I made mid/end last year.

I was going for a minimal look this week.

Striped back. Neutral block colours.

I added the floral jacket for an accent of Spring. And because the weather in England can not be trusted.

The Simplicity pattern used to make the jacket is very versatile. I have made 2 versions already and have plans to make a few more.

I will talk more about the shirt in my March Makes video, subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more.

Until next time,


Outfit of the Week | Mar 17th

Welcome back to my blog.

This week I’m wearing a, self-drafted, front split sequin pencil skirt with a Miss Selfridge slogan t, championing the slogan and sequin trend.

The skirt is part of a set. I made a sequin co-ord for a Pretty Girls Sew challenge at the end of 2015. It was the first thing I ever made out of sequins. I love it. The batwing sleeves of the top makes it harder to wear, as it doesn’t sit comfortably under a coat or jacket.

The mix of casual, smart and glamour, makes this one of my favourite outfits.

The sequins on the fabric I used lay flat. So most people don’t realise they are sequins until they get close. I strongly recommend lining sequin fabric, this self-drafted skirt is not lined. Big mistake, my legs get covered in little scratches after a days wear. But that won’t stop me from wearing it!

Until next time,


Outfit of the Week | Mar 10th

Welcome back to my blog.

This week I’m wearing a chambray jacket I made in February (2017), a cami top I made a couple of years ago with a gifted jacquard skirt.

I’m going to have to recreate this skirt, it’s so flattering and I always get complimented on it.

In the summer. Or at the very least when it gets hotter. In England who knows when that will be. I’ll pair this outfit with some embellished sandals to give it a little something extra.

Until next time,


Outfit of the Week | Feb 3rd

Happy February everyone.

With this weeks outfit I am starting my “Bring on Spring” campaign.

February is the last month of Winter and the month that signals change.

So I’m putting my best foot forward in my M&S boots and continuing my own personal changes.

Until next time,


Outfit of the Week | Jan 27th

It’s the last Friday of January. Time to reflect on what has gone well and what can be improved.

Today I wanted to wear an outfit that was both an internal and external expression of my determination. The cape I wore was the first I have ever made.

It took several hours to make and caused a remembered amount of stress. But I did finish it. And well.

Of all the “firsts” that I have made this cape was most significant because it was one of the last things I made before a considered, and lengthy, period of turbulence in my life. During which time I bought the jeans.

The top was a gift. In the period before the cape and turbulence. And the boots were a gift after the period of turbulence and before the cape was ever  thought to make.

Together this outfit is a summarised version of events that happened in my life. Demonstrating my determination to overcome sewing difficulties, and succeed. And also to overcome personal and professional difficulties. Not only succeeding in this, but thriving and exceeding.

An outfit like this is one of the reasons why I love fashion so much. Clothes are sign posts to significant events. Almost everyone has a story to go a long with a particular item of clothing. Or a particular outfit. Historically clothes can tell you what a person did. And presently they can tell you who a person is.

Sports people are likely to have a lucky sock, top, pair of performance shoes. An actor is likely to have an item of clothing they would rather not wear to an audition. And we all have a particular “uniform” that we wear, or have worn, to a job interview to give us extra confidence.

This outfit. As simple as it looks. Represents so much. It was the perfect outfit to say goodbye to a more productive January than ones that came before. And compliments given on a cape that I pained over to finish provided motivation to look forward to February and start putting all those ideas in my head to good use.

What has been your best achievement this January? And what will you do to better it come February?

Until next time.



Outfit of the Week | Jan 20th

Welcome back. I’m slowly getting used to blogging on a regular basis but there is definitely room for improvement.

This is the slightly delayed post for my outfit of the week on January 20th.

It is pretty cold here in England. I don’t want to moan too much because I can full appreciate that -5 is not the same as -20. Which are temperatures other countries have been graced with. But it is COOOOOLD.

I layered up with this outfit.

Base layer – black tights and a black crop top from TopShop. Then a me-made playsuit with a gifted camel duster. And when outside I added a me-made scarf, H&M hat and two pairs of gloves, both gifted. On my feet are Reeboks.

A very casual outfit for me. I was going for practical comfort, didn’t want to slip on the ice in my high heels.