Somerset House – Cartier-Bresson: A Question of Colour

Cartier-Bresson: A Question of Colour

Open until 27th Jan 2013

I went to this exhibition a few weeks ago and it is really worth a visit. If for no other reason than because it is free, you also get to see some incredible captivating photographs.

There was one picture that I loved, because it captured a moment which, hopefully, can never be captured again. It captured the tragedy of the twin towers being hit in the background and the mundane everyday activity of the post man in the foreground. You need to see it to believe it. I was so taken back by it I just stood there and stared, trying to take it all in.

I won’t lie and say that every photo looked as if it was worth being in there, there was one photographer who seemed to really like taking pictures out of their car window but they didn’t interest me that much.

And then there were the black and white pictures of 1940s/1950s Brooklyn New York which captured the general activities of the men in the neighbourhood, courtesy of Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Cartier-Bresson: A Question of Colour

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I don’t want to say too much because it is not a massive exhibition so I don’t want to spoil it if you are planning on going. But like I said if for no other reason than because it is free head down to Somerset House and check it out for yourself.

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