Highneck Asymmetric Dress


There is something about an asymmetric dress or skirt that I just love!

I say that but this love does vary between styles. My big love is of asymmetric dresses that have a peep-a-poo feature or a wrap, much like the one I made. They are a more versitile style for asymmetry, easily dressed up or down. Asymmetric hem dresses are looooooow on the love scale… I don’t really understand them and as yet, have not found, or made, one that has convinced me of the design. But that does not mean to say I can not be convinced. If you know of any convincing patterns I should try leave me a comment in the box below.

The idea for the asymmetric dress I made came really organically. I had been sketching a lot of sporty/athleisure outfits. One of which was a highneck crop with hareem style pants, and I just wondered what it would look like to put the highneck crop shape onto a skirt, but keep the sporty aesthetic.And because I didn’t want it too look too serious, I chose to use a dark base print fabric to keep it smart but fun.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Blush Viscose Suit

This is the suit I wore to my dad’s surprise birthday dinner.

This is my favourite outfit to date.

All items of clothing shown were made by me.

Please let me know what you think of it.



Scratchy Print Top

Scratchy print Peplum top.

Made from a stretchy woven fabric.

Top & Skirt, made by me.

Blazer, adjusted by me, originally from Miss Selfridge.


Autumn Co-Ord

My favourite thing about Autumn is the falling leaves.

Although this print is of flowers, the design concept was inspired by the signature of Autumn.