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March 26th 2016 was National/International Air Max Day. I thought it was a one off, but in actual fact Nike introduced this day back in 2014 to celebrate Air Max and it’s history ( On March 26th 1987 the first of the Air Max family was born, they called him Air Max 1. He is 29 years old.

nike air max thea


So why did Nike decide to start this Day in 2014?

2014 was the catalist for the rapid blurring of lines between sportswear and fashion. 2013 ended with more and more blogger and fashion influencers wearing trainers over heals, and streetwear/streetstyle were on the rise. This slowly continued to build throughout 2014, until it ended with a sprint to the finish line when Alexander Wang’s collection with highstreet retailer H&M launched in November, giving us high fashion sportswear at accessible prices. Athleisure, was born. And it’s influences are still seen on the highstreet and on catwalks today.

So as much as starting a National Day on the 27th year of the trainers life, instead of the 20th or 25th or 30th, seems a little untidy, if you like round numbers, it was probably a very considered decision, that Nike needed to make; to regain a positive following after the continued batterings it has had for other reasons. As well as to getting ahead of the fashion trend that was looming and making that all important connection to the millenials and social media crowd alike. As much as they are a Sports Brand, that sells functional sportwear, I am quite sure a large proportion of their sales are dirived from people buying trainers for non-sporting reasons. Therefore Nike needed to make a connection that would propel them into the fashionsphere without compromising their sporting heritage. And in a whole where bloggers have as much or perhaps more influence other what people buy that retailers themselves creating something that is hashtag able is a quick piece of easy marketing.

So, to celebrate the day, I bought myself a pair of Air Max Thea, in gold and this is how I styled them.

Outfit info –

Khaki Parka and Pink Floral Jacquard Skirt from Miss Selfridge

Necklace from Newlook

White Shirt from Uniqlo

Camel Jacket gifted

Paisley Maxi Dress made by me

Black tote and across the body bag from Osprey London

Let me know what you think and share how you style your Air Max.

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