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Simplicity 8137, Mixed print blouse.

When I first started sewing I stayed away from obvious prints. I feel like I have told you guys this story before.

My introduction to print has mostly been drive by the free fabric received from my places of work. It’s interesting to me that plain fabric doesn’t get thrown out or given away as often…

All of this to say I am a big print fan now. It adds an additional dimension to my makes. And an additional level of difficulty to match the pattern across seams.

Mixed Print everything was big in SS18












I don’t usually make things based on trends, but I was really bought into the mixed print trend of SS18. Highstreet brands such as Zara and TopShop really did it well. And new comer (at least to me)SilkFred had a huge brand offering too.

The fabric I used for this top came from work, and as soon as I realised it was the same print in two different scales I knew I had to make a mixed print something. And I just had enough material of the two samples to make this top from Simplicity sewing patterns.

Simplicity 8137 leads itself so well to mixed print. I just had enough fabric to make the blouse option.

I would describe the blouse as a peplum wrap top.

I used lightweight poly-satin to make this top. Fabric I salvaged from a fabric recycling bin at work. There should be a place all the fabric from recycling bins are taken to then be sold for scraps.

Some pieces will be too small to make into items of clothing. But could be used to make pattern weights, applique patches, patch-work quilt, other small accessories.

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