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Sew & Tell | March 2017

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. March was a very unproductive sewing month for me. Of all my sewing plans I managed to complete 3, start 1 and the rest fell by the wayside.

I did complete 2, additional, unplanned makes. But it did stress me out quite a lot that I wasn’t able to make everything I had said I would/wanted to. And so, for now, March will be the last planned sewing month. Before I made a commitment to myself to take blogging and YouTube more serious; on my path to successful self-employment. My sewing was a lot more free and creative.

I would make a plan to sew something on the stop. I would pull on inspiration from anywhere, whether it be fabric in a shop or from my stash or images and things around me. I had a lot more fun sewing that way, so as of April I will return to that and see how the following months projects turn out.

For now, lets get into my March Makes.

White Shirts have been high on my sewing list for a long time.

In March I made two. The first was an all white version of Vogue Pattern V8855.

I love this shirt. I attempted it a few years ago and it didn’t come out as I had envisioned. But this time round I made sure I gave myself more time to work through it so it could come out right.

The second shirt was the sleeveless version of Vogue Pattern V8476.

I have made this shirt before with an amended front, but this time I followed the pattern instructions. I do like how this shirt looks and fits, but really don’t like how much it gapes. I think future makes of this dress with have the amendment to add in a button placket.

I made another pair of my V8865 pattern hack trousers in March.

This pattern hack is so comfortable I think I am going to make a couple more pairs in different colours. And then retire the pattern for a little while.

I felt I over promised and under delivered with these trousers. I made the trousers which is a thumbs up, but I also said that I would upload a tutorial. Which as of writing this post, still isn’t up yet. In sitiuations like this, after beating myself up a bit, I like to look for the lesson in the experience. And in this instance I need to learn not to make promises or say I am going to do something before I am at least 95% sure I can follow through on it.

As Tom Ford once said “don’t talk about something until you have done it.” Or words to that effect.

And finally the two unplanned makes

The first was a pair of cafe curtains.

For which there is also a tutorial in the works, so keep your eye out for that.

The last thing I made in March was a skirt for a friend’s daughter.

This skirt was super easy to make and was made using a technique that was new to me. It was pretty much made from a square and then the waist was pleated to reduce it to fit into a waistband. Really quick to make and definitely a technique I will use more going forward.

Until next time,


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