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Sew & Tell | June 2017

Hi everyone. Welcome back to my blog. In this post I’m going to be showing you everything that I made in June. If you are concerned you missed my May’s makes. Don’t be. You haven’t.

I didn’t do very much sewing in May. I completed one commissioned job, that I will reveal to you in this post. And that was it.

As ever there is a video up on my YouTube channel that you can check out, to see these items in action.

On to the big reveal.

May Makes

I was commissioned to make an outfit for a friend’s gender reveal party. I made mum and big sister matching outfits, and added trims of the same fabric to dad’s shirt. It was an honour to be asked to make their outfits for such a special day.

The pattern used for mum’s off the shoulder tunic was See & Sew B4161. This pattern was used as a guide to make sure I got the proportions right for the amount of fabric I would need. I used See & Sew B6440 to make big sisters top and short set. The trims for dad’s shirt were freehand geometric shapes.

Power Dress

My first make in June was this African Print shift dress, made using McCalls 6028. I call it my power dress. 

I made this dress to wear to a meeting that I knew would be a challenge. To help me overcome the challenge, I wanted to wear something that would make me feel confident, and assured that I could concur anything. 

Wearing something me made, reminds me of what I am able to achieve, and how far I have come.

Hypnotic Cold Shoulder Dress

The idea with this dress was to make something a little 1970s inspired. I used a Prima pattern, to make this dress, and added on my own sleeves.

The fabric used for this dress, is a lightweight viscose blend. It crumples a lot, but is a great weight for the muggy British summer.

Athleisure Suit

Last but not least is this “Athleisure” Suit. To be pronounced Ath-lee-jore Suit.

I have wanted to make a bomber jacket for a long ol’time and kept putting it off and putting it off.

The bomber jacket happened by accident as my first intention was to make a pair of black smart trousers. I used my Vogue 8865 trouser hack, to make the trousers which are so comfortable.

I had a fair amount of left over fabric so decided to use Burda style 7142 to try my hand at making a bomber jacket.

June’s Bright Sleeveless Playsuit

One final thing to show, is this incomplete, beautifully bright playsuit.

I made this from an impromptu pattern hack, using Vogue V8604 and a Sew Confidence pattern my aunt gave me. 

The hardest part about this make was making sure the irregular print came out presentably. Which I think is a job well done if I do say so myself.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the items I made in June. Let me know your thoughts and which item is your favourite in the comments below.

Until next time.


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