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Road to the 6 pack

2018 was the first time I worked closely with a pregnant lady who was so open about her pregnancy.

It was during this time I started to acknowledge and understand the enormous amount of stress and change your body goes through.

The biggest thing for me was finding, or rather realising, that the abdominal muscles get ripped during pregnancy.

Set a goal. Make it happen so there is nothing to regret

Finding this out was a catalysis to me making a commitment to get a 6 pack.

I have wanted to 6 pack for a long as I can remember. It has all stemmed from being an athlete growing up. The boys would flaunt theirs and make comparisons as to whose was the best and who did not have one.

For a girl to have a six pack was next level. I could quite happily get a two pack right under my sternum but the other 4 seemed to be to shy to stand out alone.

This co-ord set is made from silky smooth jersey fabric. One of my reoccurring goals has been to use more stretch fabric.

Tailoring fabric is definitely my comfort zone. It’s easy to handle and manipulate, and be used for almost any style. Stretch fabric requires more concentration. Patterns need to be specifically selected and cut to precise measurements to get a good fit.

New Look Pattern 6493 was used for the top and Vogue V8938 was used for the skirt.

Pattern 6493 was a very quick make. The instructions were clear and I didn’t need to include the elastic at the hem. As the fabric stretched and recoiled back to the correct measurements

V8938 was harder. Mostly because the fabric was stretchier than what the pattern required. Once I cut the pattern out I had to resize from the waist to the hip. And I would like to take some fabric out of the legs as well when I make it next time.

Not everyone’s 6 pack is the same. I just really want to see if it is achievable for me. So when (if) I have children I have no regrets.

A x

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