Khaki Parka

Welcome back. I’m slowly getting used to blogging on a regular basis but there is definitely room for improvement.

This is the slightly delayed post for my outfit of the week on January 20th.

It is pretty cold here in England. I don’t want to moan too much because I can full appreciate that -5 is not the same as -20. Which are temperatures other countries have been graced with. But it is COOOOOLD.

I layered up with this outfit.

Base layer – black tights and a black crop top from TopShop. Then a me-made playsuit with a gifted camel duster. And when outside I added a me-made scarf, H&M hat and two pairs of gloves, both gifted. On my feet are Reeboks.

A very casual outfit for me. I was going for practical comfort, didn’t want to slip on the ice in my high heels.




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