Valentine’s Outfit of the Week

In keeping with the spirit of the week. Today I am wearing all shades of nude.

The dress was made using a Vogue nightwear pattern, V8888. I used a lightweight poly-crepe, which was too light for this style, but in my #makeitwork moment, I managed to pull it off.

There are a few errors that I will refine for next time. But overall I am really happy with this dress.

The coat was made using a Buttericks pattern. It’s the first coat I have ever made. I made it a couple of years ago and still get complements on it now.

I made it using a deep burgundy. Possibly one of my favourite shade of burgundy. And the lining is a printed Viscose that I was given. It seemed like a match made, as the different shades of the floral print worked perfectly with the deep burgundy.

I hope you had a good Valentine’s Day, whatever you did and however you celebrated.

Until next time,



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