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#makenine and 2017 Sewing Goals

#makenine and 2017 Sewing Goals

Hi guys. Hope you have all had a good week and are set for the weekend. In my last post I outlined my personal goals for 2017. In this post I will share my sewing goals.

My overall goal for this year is to become self-employed. Improving my sewing skills and increasing my knowledge and understanding of sewing, and garment construction, will go a long way to helping me get closer to self-employment. And the best way to keep focused and track your progress is to set goals. So I have set 4 goals for this year that will encourage me to elevate my sewing game.

  1. Improve my tailoring skills and learn how to make Occasion dresses – Last year I made a Men’s Tailored Blazer, it took me weeks and weeks, and the final garment fitted handsomely. With it being the first one I made there is significant room for improvement that will also help me make other garments like coats. And Occasion dresses. I have always shied away from Occasion dresses, with a belief that the construction is really complicated. But if I can make a blazer, I can make a Wedding Dress, right?

  2. Get to grips with stretch fabric – I’m a tailoring woven fabric kind of girl. After making a tracksuit as a present last year in grey marle sweatshirt fabric. I discovered a secret love for jersey fabrics and want to explore more.

  3. Make something other than clothes – Making clothes is great. But there is so much more I can make on a sewing machine. Blinds, I keep saying to myself that I will make some to hang in my flat. Or cushion covers, bags, purses, chokers, head wraps, loads of things.

  4. Make 5 custom pieces for paying customers – Setting myself this goal means I will have to learn the art of selling yourself. Which is something I currently struggle to do, but is the only way to build up a client list. And take a more convincing step forward to self-employment.

To give these goals direction I am joining the #makenine2017 challenge set by Rochelle_new.

And these are my nine makes for 2017, the images coinciding with each post is for inspiration:

  1. Jeans

  2. Wedding/Prom Dress

  3. Coat

  4. Bag/Purse

  5. Trousers

  6. Shirt/Blouse

  7. Jersey/Stretch knit top

  8. Blinds

  9. Cushion covers

I will be making more than nine things this year. But I wanted my #makenine to be reflective of my goals for 2017 rather than things I would like to make. By doing this it makes all the goals measurable and easier to tackle. My #makenine will also work as reminders of what this year is all about in those moments when I am standing in front of my sewing stash wondering what to make next.

Leave me a comment in the box below to let me know what your business goals are for 2017?

Thanks for reading this post and I will speak to you guys soon.


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