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Let go. And. Let. GOD.

I have always been a very serious person. Serious about life, serious about my goals, serious about what is right and what it wrong.

The idea of giving over the path  to my dreams to someone/something other than myself is not something I can compute.

Even though it is to a higher power. I still need to feel like I am in the driving seat.

Time teaches us to trust our instincts more

Turning 30 has been a blessing for me. I’m only 9 days in and I already feel different.

Turning 30 is my freedom. I can be myself because “I’m 30. Can’t tell me nothing.” Professionally my 20s have been the hardest. Now I am on the otherside I am grateful it happened when it did because it has made me stronger NOW. And I 100% wouldn’t be who I am NOW, if it didn’t all happen THEN.

If you have been following me for a while you will know Tutus are my absolute favourite.

I have the most fun wearing them and the most fun making them. They do take a lot of concentration. There are a lot of layers in this Tutu.

But the straight stitch can be so soothing and an easy time out from all the hustle and bustle.


I used Simplicity Pattern 1427 to make this Tutu. From memory this is Tutu number 5. There are plans to make more, just got to find the fabric that currently only exists in my imagination.

I also want to work out a way to attach this volume of Tutu to a bodice and make a dress.

My vision is of a black, backless, dress with a huge Tutu and killer heels. And layers and layers of accessories. This will be one to add to the make by the end of the year list.

A x

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