Lessons from VEDA 2017

This post will be published on August 31st, but in truth by day 4 of VEDA it was clear to me that my life just isn’t set up like that.

By taking part in VEDA, this August, I was able to test the theory of whether or not I wanted to, or could, do daily vlogging.  I set myself up to win, because if I didn’t I would be setting myself up to lose. I made a plan of what videos I would post on which day, and started the 1st of August as I intended to carry on.

What is VEDA?

Vlog EveryDay in August (or April). I chose this challenge instead of the other vlogging challenges, Vlogtober, Vlogmas etc, because to me it seemed the least daunting. Looking on YouTube for VEDA the videos vary from person to person and don’t necessarily need to be a day in the life vlog.

I’m a really private person

The thought of sharing my private life with the whole of the internet has always been something I have actively shied away from. After, watching other vloggers at, Summer in the City I was set before the day was done that daily vlogging wasn’t for me.

I like the idea of it. But there is a whole lot more that goes on behind the camera that you don’t know, until you know. Coupled with the constant message from other vloggers, that if you fake it the audience will know. And, to be successful, you need to be passionate about what you do to ensure it keeps the authenticity.

I feel daily vlogging comes with too much pressure and constantly reminding yourself to vlog. Which contradicts my current mindset of living in the moment.

Will I ever be a daily vlogger?

Never say never. I know first hand saying never and then going back on your word it not a good look. So I won’t say never, just that daily vlogging isn’t something I can accommodate right now. 

So I didn’t complete VEDA in it’s entirety. Who cares? The world still keeps spinning. Without taking part in VEDA I wouldn’t have learnt different editing techniques for my videos, I wouldn’t have learnt, or understood, the importance of audio. Nor would I have explored the different transitions or text effects.

I would also, still be allured by the idea of daily vlogging. And I wouldn’t feel as convinced in my ideas for my channel.

As far as I am concerned my participation in VEDA was a success.


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