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Green. The most complicated colour.

I was introduced to green as the representation of envy. “Green eyed”, meaning jealousy.

Other than Emerald Green I don’t know many other shades that inspire great confidence in the green. Lime Green, Snot Green, Puke Green… okay that last one I made up but I think you get the point.

Green. The colour of life, renewal and energy.

Green is a secondary colour. It comes to life by mixing two primary colours. Blue and Yellow. Both have very positive and uplifting shades. Sky Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Cornflower Blue.

So it makes sense for Green to also have a positive side. The shade of all living plants. A loving term for someone who is new to a situation.Even peace.


I was very surprised by how much I like the colour of this green jumpsuit. It is very bright. Almost neon.

As soon as I put it on I felt joy.

I used McCall’s M7789 to make this jumpsuit. The pattern is for the full leg length but I cut it short.

The fabric is 100% cotton, so perfect for the sticky summer months in the UK.

To improve the fit around the bust and armhole, I added a bust dart in the front bodice. I did after it was made and amended the paper pattern.

Green IS a complicated colour. We all have different feelings towards varying shades.

After making this jumpsuit I am going to broaden my view on green. Add a few more pieces that aren’t khaki or olive.

A x

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