Goal setting

I was fortunate enough to attend Lululemon’s 18for18 goal setting evening, on January 18th 2018. The event came highly recommended from a friend who attended their 17for17, in 2017.

I was super excited to go. So excited infact, I didn’t actually read the event description and showed up on the night under-prepared for what the night had in store.

At first I contemplated leaving.

That’s what I would usually do in these kinds of situations. Instead I asked one of the organisers if it would be a problem me doing yoga in a dress and tights. They said no as it wouldn’t be anything too strenuous. So I found myself a spot way at the back away from all the people who knew each other. And got settled for a night that had the potential to change my life.

In actual fact, it was quite awkward trying to do yoga in a dress and tights.

I was attempting to keep some kind of modesty through the many downward dog holds and transitions. The yoga phase wasn’t strenuous, but there was a lot of movement.

The focus of the yoga was to center yourself and do whatever you needed to feel comfortable and more like yourself. Every time focusing on the present moment. I spent the majority of the time feeling sorry for myself. Why didn’t you read the event description? Is this a bad sign? Everyone is looking at you because you look silly. Maybe you should have just gone home.

By the time the goal setting part came, I was so exhausted mentally from the internal debate, I found it hard to concentrate. I knew the only thing that really mattered was that I showed up. I could have gone home, but I started because it’s important. Because I am important. I have goals for this year and any help I can get to get there is a bonus and an opportunity to be grabbed. Not shied away from.

I scribbled down a handful of halfhearted goals in the handout they gave us and left. As I was leaving I knew I had to change the goals. There was no point in going through all that to write some goals I didn’t care. Goals that I only wrote because they sounded nice. Not because I was driven to achieve them.

The following weekend, the real goal setting happened.

I thought about the big goals first. I then moved on to list a handful of goals I could do consistently to get me to the big goals. Then I thought about skills I could learn or improve to help maintain the quality, interest and creativity in the consistent goals. And finally I listed a handful of personal goals. The personal goals ranged from material things like, buying a new car. To more personal things like, spending more time with my family making memories.

Finally I found a suitable and prominent place to hang my 18 goals for 2018. So everyday I can be reminded what the extra effort and extra grind is really all about.

“If I can see it in my mind, I can hold it in my hand”



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