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French Seams and Chiffon. Is like Strawberries and Cream.

Learning how to french seam completely transformed the way I used Chiffon.

I look forward to using Chiffon now, just to see all the different ways I can add in French Seams. This dress is pretty much 100% French Seamed.

French Seams are like a brain teaser.

The very first time I tried a French seam I had to put pins in the fabric to remind myself which side was the top side and which was the under side of the fabric.

I think this dress is the first dress I tried French Seams on armholes. It took a lot of concentration and visualisation at the beginning to feel confident I was doing right and wasn’t going to mess up.

I had been sitting on this fabric, not literally, for ages. Every so often I would pull it out think about what to make and then put it back again.

Summer 2018 started early and I was very under prepared. I was in need of summer dresses. One evening after work I had a vision of a floral summer dress.

I looked through my pattern stash and pulled out Simplicity 8545 and Butterick 6456 and just started cutting out the fabric.

Working solely off the image in my brain the perfect summer dress started coming together.

As you can expect I made a few adjustments. The sleeves were from the Butterick pattern and the bodice and skirt were from the Simplicity pattern.

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I wanted to add sequins and beads to the insides of the flowers to give it that extra premium feel.

But in some ways I am glad I didn’t because even without the extra sparkle this dress still looks high-end designer.

A x

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