Dsquared AW15

DSquared AW15 show has looked to the dress of native country men to infuse their collection with rich textures and colours.

Yukon and the Inuit tribe

If it wasn’t for this Dsquared show, I would never have known about Yukon and the Inuit tribe that lives there. This is the side of fashion that gets over looked as the attention is all on the clothes.

Everyone will have their own opinion on this show. I’m not a fan of real fur. But the drama created by the fur hoods is incredible. And I appreciate that. I love the illusion of body tattoos, created by the tribal printed body stockings. However, I am aware that it could be potentially offensive to native tribes men and women.

I would like to believe Dsquared were showing their appreciation

By using elements of traditional tribal dress. And mixing it in with modern trends. This may be a naive why of viewing it. But from what I see, they have created greater awareness to a people who are marginalised, and shrouded in mystery. Not everyone who sees the show will care to know what inspired it. However, there could be 1 person who does. That same person may go onto read more about the Inuit tribes in Canada, and elsewhere. They could then go on a share what they found with someone else, then they share it and so on. Like a ripple effect. Before you know it people stop calling Inuits, “Eskimos” and the relationship between native tribes people and others has slightly improved.

Every successful change starts with a small step in a different direction.

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