Doing it for myself

I am beginning to understand the importance of doing something for yourself. I currently work with a guy who does as much work as I tell him to. If I am constantly asking him what is he doing and telling what jobs to do next, he will do it. If I don’t he will mosey along at his own pace and think nothing of it.

The reason he does so much work when I tell him to. Is because, I have told him to. He is doing it for me, not because he has a desire to complete as much work as possible. The reason he completes less work when I say nothing is because he works at the pace he wants to, not thinking about anyone else.

As you can imagine this causes a fair amount of tension. I am not his mother, he should know that if he comes to work he is expected to do just that. Work. Otherwise he may as well stay at home.

The same principle can be applied to almost anything

Lets take my attempts at blogging, and vlogging. In the past, I have been more concerned about making content that would be appealing to others, rather than making content that I wanted to make. Which made blogging and vlogging a chore. And when I wasn’t being pushed to make a video or write a blog post, I wouldn’t. I would go for ages without posting a YouTube video and even longer without writing a blog post.


I can’t wait to write a blog post. All because I am doing this for me. It is possible no one will read this. It may one day form Internet dust and be shoved into the depths of the “unread-web”. Honestly that’s okay. I’m not doing this for anyone but me. And I am enjoying having this carefree creative outlet.

“If I can see it in my mind. I can hold it in my hand.”

Until next time,



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