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Welcome back to my blog in this post I’m going to show you how to make cafe curtains.

About Cafe Curtains

I’m not completely sure how cafe curtains got their name, but I do know they have been around for many many years. The term is used to describe curtains that cover the lower part of a window. Not just curtains found in a cafe as the name may suggest. Typically cafe curtains are formed as one curtain, but they can be made in 2 parts. As I have done in this tutorial.


Before you head out to get the materials needed to make your cafe curtains. You will need to first measure the width and depth of your window. I would recommend measuring the width of the frame, rather than the pane itself. As it is better to have too much fabric than not enough. For the depth, measure from the point you want the cafe curtains to start, down to the window sill.

Once you have taken your two measurements, you can use them to calculate the amount of fabric you need by; doubling the width measurement, adding 40 cm to the depth measurement then adding on additional 30-50cm, that will be used for the trims.

If I have lost you, here is an example:

  • Window = 92cm wide and 83cm deep.
  • Fabric = 184cm wide fabric and 123cm deep + extras for trims.

Shopping list:

  • Fabric
  • 8 large self-cover buttons
  • Thread
  • Tension rod – these are sold in size ranges.

I bought all my materials from Dunelm Mill.

You will also need:

  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Tailor Chalk
  • Pattern Paper

Making the curtain

Step 1

Draw out the measurements of your window onto pattern paper. The depth measurement will be cut on the grain. At intervals along the top of the pattern paper, make a marking for tab placement. On separate pattern paper draw tab, using the following measurements 8 x 32cm.

Step 2

Cut out pattern pieces. I decided to make my cafe curtains in two halves, as I could not find fabric wide enough to make it as one. Once cut out, transfer the marks for the tabs onto fabric using tailors tack. Cut out as many tabs as needed, I cut out 8, 4 for each half.

Step 3

On both sides of the curtain fabric, press 5cm under to wrong side. Fold under 5cm again and press. Machine in place, stitching close to upper folded edge.

Step 4

At the lower edge, press a 10cm double hem in place. Stitch close to upper folded edge, keeping corners free. Unfold and mitre the corner. Press and stitch in place.

Attaching the tabs

Step 5

On both sides and upper edge of the tab fold in 5mm onto wrong side. Press, fold in 5mm again and stitch close to upper folded edge.

Step 6

Place the tab to the upper edge of the curtain, wrong-side down, keeping edges even. Pin tabs in place, baste upper edge.


Step 7

For the facing, cut a strip of fabric 10cm wide and as long as the curtain width. Neaten lower edge in same way as tab. Folding in a double hem and stitch close to upper folded edge. Place the facing over the tabs right side to right side, stitch in place along top edge.

Step 8

Press the seam towards facing and understitch facing. Turn down the facing to the wrong side and press again. Top stitch lower edge of facing to curtain to secure in place.

Step 9

Fold the tab over to the front of the curtain to create a loop for the tension rod. Using tailors chalk, mark a point to add a button. Cover one large button for each tab. Sew button on to each tab to secure it to the curtain.

Step 10

Feed tension rod through curtain loops and hang.


 I hope you have found this tutorial helpful. This is a style of curtain that is very quick to make and provide and extra bit of privacy around your windows.

Leave me a comment in the box below, and if you do go on to make any curtains yourself make sure to tag me in the picture on instagram @andreaafrominx.

Until next time,


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