Nike Air Max Thea


March 26th 2016 was National/International Air Max Day. I thought it was a one off, but in actual fact Nike introduced this day back in 2014 to celebrate Air Max and it’s history ( On March 26th 1987 the first of the Air Max family was born, they called him Air Max 1. He is 29 years old.

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YouTube Welcome Video

My YouTube Channel was in need of an introduction/welcome video.

I conducted an unofficial, official survey of people’s impressions of my videos, what they liked/didn’t like and what they felt was missing. The feedback was really helpful. One thing that stuck was that it was not clear from my videos that I had made the cloths. Although I had written this in the descriptions, there was nothing that showed this in the videos. So, to get this message across to viewers as clearly and efficiently as possible, I decided to make a welcome video.

I knew the video had to be short and give a clear message. To get inspiration I watched a bunch of other YouTube welcome videos. And while looking for inspiration, I remembered one of my favourite scenes from the film Love Actually. The one when the best man from the wedding declares his love for Keira Knightley using flash cards in the rain. And decided to use that as my base to build on for my welcome video.

I think the video worked out well. But don’t just take my word for it, check it for yourself and let me know your thoughts.

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Black Nike Dunk Ultra Modern

I bought these Nike Dunk Ultra Modern trainers from ASOS. Since I bought them, I have lived in them. I just wish I had more pairs. They are so comfortable and extremely versitile.

The Nike Dunk Ultra Moderns were made to celebrate 30 years of Nike Dunk. It was 1985 when the Nike Dunk basketball shoe was born, driven by performance innovation that naturally translated to street style. The design solidified Nike’s focus on basketball and reinforced its obsession with creating product to make athletes better. (

The Nike Dunk Ultra Modern keeps the styling of a basketball shoe but loses it’s functionality. It is more of a street style/fashion shoe. Helping Nike to continue to build it’s reputation as a fashionable street style essential.

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Pringle AW16

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I have been browsing the latest AW16 shows and the Pringle AW16 really stood out to me.

It is fair to say with the ever changing climate at present, knitwear has taken a step forward to become something more than that knitted jumper/cardigan your nan made you which comes out every winter. And we Brits now wear knits thoughout Autumn and some of Spring. In addition, the highstreet have been adopting new techniques and using more varieties of yarn, to make knitwear cool. No longer are the shelves piled high with the traditional itchy jumpers we dread wearing. Knitwear has branched into crop tops with the help of the 90’s trend and coverups.

On the whole designers have kept knits fairly traditional. Until now.

Pringle’s AW16 show is jam packed with on trend knits. They have given us dresses, skirts, jumpers, overcoats, layering, mix and match options, mixed textures and textiles, I could sing their praises all day. All of the product  is relevant; and all on trend. I look forward to seeing how the highstreet will interpretate these designs. There is so much that can be done. A-symmetric crop tops, geo prints marked out by seam lines and not just the printed fabric. Just thinking about it gets me all inspired.

I might just do my own interpretation.

Until next time.