The beautifully honest truth

So here it is.

I am 28 years old, I have been hating my job for the past two years. In those two years I haven’t really done anything that would get me out of that situation. Today I realised if I don’t do something about it, it is possible I will have a nervous breakdown or lose my mind.

On the tube home from work, I could literally feel the internal doom trying to engulf me like the smoke of a Dementor from Harry Potter. Along with the smoke came the thoughts of all the possible ways that I could just go away, forever. At which point I said to myself, “You have two choices; either keep moaning and feeling rubbish about what is going on or DO something. ANYthing. Because clearly doing nothing or half of something has not got you where you want to be”.


To be Instagram famous you have to be inspirational or aspirational

I have never been a person to want others to want to be me. I am me and that is enough. But inspirational, that is something I can do. The problem with inspirational is that it will come during or after, and is highly dependent on the success of my journey to Something Better.

Since University, I have had an idea to write a diary of how I became successful so I can publish it and show others the way. I have always been too embarrassed to actually do that because, what the heck do I know? But to be honest, right now, I would love to read a book or blog about a 28 year black girl. Who works her way through the same or similar struggles as I do. Battles her way through the same, or similar, sugar honey ice tea; and sees, or at least kinda sees, the world like I do. That book, if it exists needs to come into my life, like yesterday. If not I will be that person for those who come after me, or before.

This is taking my blog in a new direction. I still love fashion and I still love to sew, so that content will be here. But more than all of that I love Happy Andrea and I need to get her back. Like, yesterday.

I’m thinking about becoming a selective mute. I say selective because my life isn’t really setup in a way that I can be a full mute. It’s just a thought I had today. I quite like the idea but that may change tomorrow.

“If I can see it in my mind. I can hold it in my hand.”

Until next time,



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