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August is the Sunday of Summer. And summer is now closed. If you’re lucky there maybe a few hangover days in the the coming weeks, but that’s it.

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Much like the end of a great weekend, the end of August comes with the wonder of did I really make the most of the sunny days that were available? Will I be able to make up the missed time next Summer?

Luckily for me, I made the mistake of not making the most of summer last year (2018). When the heat waves started in May and continued on well into July. At the time I assumed the heatwave would stop, that is was a one weekend wonder, so didn’t really do much outside and kept myself to myself. But this year as soon as there was any opportunity to be in the sun and soaking up vitamin D I took it.

sunshine, end of summer
sunbathing in a park

Missing out on a good Summer hurts. Especially living in the UK, when summer typically lasts days, not weeks or months! Which means missing out on a GOOD summer, isn’t a mistake you want to make twice. This year (2019) we had the hottest August Bank Holiday weekend on record. Not wanting to miss out, I went to a park in North London and sun bathed. In a bikini. In the middle of the park. No shame. It was actually quiet liberating. Would I do it again yes, but only if the temps are 30+ like this year #melinated.

Summer ’18 and Summer ’19 come with the underlying knowing that the weather is changing. Global warming, climate change, melting ice caps all seem to be spoken about in rushed sentences but it’s happening and we should all take time to understand the truth of the impacts.

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But that can wait. Right now we need to iron our winter clothes and get the heavy duvet cleaned. Because tomorrow is September. The Monday that follows summer.

sunset at the end of summer, august is the sunday or summer, tomorrow will be monday

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