Hi it’s Andrea. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

My blogging journey started out on tumblr, waaaay back. And eventually migrated onto this website in 2016. The layout of my blog has taken many forms, as I have grown and my changed my opinion on what I want to blog about.

One theme that has been consistent is sewing.

I taught myself how to sew back in 2009. After accepting it would not be possible to find outfits unique enough to suit my personal style on the high street. I started off making dresses for nights out at uni. Which soon developed into making clothes that can be worn during the day, then onto work clothes, then onto formalwear and beyond.

Fast forward several years and I can sew almost anything! I get a great sense of satisfaction from sewing. It gives me the freedom to create a garment or item that represents who I am.

I have an etsy store where I sell handmade gifts and accessories. And can be contacted via email for custom clothing orders and commissions.

Current favourites from my handmade wardrobe

One theme I have shied away from is talking about myself.

2017 changed all that when I realised by sharing my experiences I had a better chance of getting advise and help from more experienced people. And. Could help others.

I do however have an internal battle, with myself, from time to time. To define what I consider to be sharing too much. It is a battle I expect will continue for a while longer. But if I can continue to make content that touches people like this video did. I am happy to share what I can.

You can find all my social media links to connect with me in the sidebar. You can also subscribe to my blog down below, so you never miss out on a update.

I’m looking forward to sharing my creations and life experiences with you.

Until next time,