Andrea Afrominx


August is the Sunday of Summer. And summer is now closed. If you’re lucky there maybe a few hangover days in the the com

Road to the 6 pack

2018 was the first time I worked closely with a pregnant lady who was so open about her pregnancy. It was during this time I s

Let go. And. Let. GOD.

I have always been a very serious person. Serious about life, serious about my goals, serious about what is right and what it

Simplicity 8137, Mixed print blouse.

When I first started sewing I stayed away from obvious prints. I feel like I have told you guys this story before. My introduc

French Seams and Chiffon. Is like Strawberries and Cream.

Learning how to french seam completely transformed the way I used Chiffon. I look forward to using Chiffon now, just to see al

Green. The most complicated colour.

I was introduced to green as the representation of envy. “Green eyed”, meaning jealousy. Other than Emerald Green

“I’m taking my freedom, putting it in my car. Wherever I choose to go it will take me far.”

I have got to the stage in my life where I can’t be bothered to concern myself with what people think of me. For too lon

Who remembers when street lights were orange?

Recently I have been thinking about all the things that have changed since I was little, or should I say younger. I’m no

Wool and Faux Fur Swing Coat

This is my favourite make from 2018. It was one of the first makes of the year, using a free sewing pattern that I amended. I

Pillars of 2018

2018 was an evolving journey. I wanted the year to be leaps and bounds better than 2017 and as a whole it was. But life is lif